Come with us on a fantastic journey to ancient Egypt - immerse yourself in the time of the pharaohs: as soon as you enter the arena, you will see a mighty temple facade full of hieroglyphs. It's night. The scent of hot desert sand, sea and spices hangs in the air. You can hear the soft chirping of the crickets and occasionally feel a light breeze on your face.

With our AIDA, we use the entire arena as a playing surface so that you can experience the army of Radames, the entourage of Princess Amneris, the power of Ramfis, the Egyptian high priest, and the homeland of the Ethiopian princess AIDA as directly and impressively as possible. Egypt's lifeline, the Nile, "flows" from the stands onto the stage, fireworks are lit as the victorious Egyptian army returns in triumph, and "Ayana", a lifelike female elephant, is lovingly brought to life by six puppeteers!

The opera starts. The Hanseatic Symphonic Orchestra (full cast) conducted by Maestro Michael Ellis Ingram takes a seat on the stage at the foot of the temple's massive facade. The first notes of the prelude sound and an elaborately drawn Egyptian landscape appears on the projection cylinder above the stage. We see how AIDA and Radames meet on a ship on the Nile - the story begins.

The story takes us to the royal palace, to the Nile, to the city gates and to the Temple of Isis and at the end of the opera to the crypt below the temple. Our temple facade with its huge dimensions towers over the playing area and overshadows every individual: Man as an individual is fully in the service of the gods...

Or not? A love story, a royal rival, love for homeland and people, fear, despair and hope - all of this becomes more than clear in the arena, also with the help of the live transmission of our soloists on the projection cylinder. Only in the arena can the love story be told so richly in contrast: at the end of the opera we only have eyes for two people in the middle of the gigantic monumental backdrop, who draw the complete focus with their love and make us forget everything around us.

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